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Mount Moriah Cemetery

Jul. 23rd, 2016 | 04:20 pm
mood: excitedexcited
posted by: dark_fetus in abandonedplaces

Hello all, it's been some time since my last post. but in that time. In that time Christina and I (for those unaware - Christina is my girlfriend/partner of ten years, with whom i run the website www.AntiquityEchoes.com). have released a book titled "Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital", a book in Arcadia's "Images of America" series. It came out on July 11th, and we're very proud to say that the book sold out twice on Amazon in it's first week available, and has made several best-seller lists. If you're interested seeing more about it, here's the Amazon listing - Greystone Park Psychiatric Hospital

We've also poured ourselves heavily into this upcoming piece, which actually is aproject that we have been fighting witrh for two years, as the weather and seasons had to be perfect, and 2015 was a complete wash for us as we were writing two books simotaniously (both the Greystone book mentioned above, and a glossy hardcover coffeetable book called "Antiquity Echoes"). Anyway, we are very excited to say that we FINALLY were ablw to get out and film this past spring. This post marks my return to traditional 35mm black and white film, as well as our first attempt at black and white video. Enjoy!

Amongst fields of cloaked tombstones, strange trees loom and thorned weeds grow.
Land once famed, now dragged below by gripping vines that flesh did sow.

Countless eyes of statues stare, and though cold stone they seem aware.
Perhaps evoking a time that there were flowers here, and quiet prayer.

Rolling hills of family plots, lost to time, flora. Forgot.
The city beyond seems know not the lessons that these lands have taught.

What see you in these lost tombs, sadness for those here consumed?
Know that all is nature's womb, and here the dead return in bloom.

Where one sees souls no more remembered, these lost things the earth does treasure.
And through their quiet, slow surrender, return to life in newborn splendor.

All is not gone, but rather found throughout these hills of briared ground.
The graves below grass aren't drowned. That is the peace which here is found.

Leaves conceal but too embrace the dead across this desolate space.
The past remains in fractured grace beyond the Mount Moriah gates.

Through the gates...Collapse )

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An abandoned landing stage in Russia

Jul. 22nd, 2016 | 12:09 am
posted by: figutti in abandonedplaces

6 more under the cutCollapse )

and my photostream: https://www.flickr.com/photos/schburger/

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Заброшенная военная часть

Jul. 11th, 2016 | 08:20 am
location: Russian Federation, Святьё
posted by: krampnitz in abandonedplaces

Тверская губерния , в паре километров от Савёлово.

IMG_4017_Enhanced 2.jpg
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Lonesome Pine Drive-In, Norton/Coeburn, VA

Jul. 8th, 2016 | 07:18 pm
posted by: hextrovert in abandonedplaces

Hi! Long-time lurker, first-time poster.

I was recently visiting relatives in Virginia. On the road between Coeburn and Norton I spotted the sign for this drive-in, and asked my uncle about it. He told me that it was long since closed down, but after I excitedly explained the concept of abandoned places photography and the fact that I'd always wanted to try it, my family agreed to make a stop so that me and my dad could get a few photos.

The sign is easily visible from the road. You can get an idea of its size here (that's me in the corner).

I assume this little building was the ticket office, and it has toilets in the back. There are circuit boxes and stuff on the walls inside, but really it's pretty bare.

The parking/viewing area is almost completely overgrown, and I wouldn't have wanted to venture into the bushes without proper boots etc. The write-up on drivins.org says the cinema's capacity was 200 cars.

The screen is still standing but you can't get to it easily. This was the closest shot my dad was able to get.

I assumed this was a beer can but it seems to have held some kind of coolant gas, from what I can make out of the label. There's not much litter here at all; I don't think people even come here to drink or whatever.

There's not much info about this place online; apparently it opened in the 40s and became an X-rated venue in the 70s. My uncle says it closed shortly after he moved to the area in the early 90s. So I guess there weren't that many people in the neighbourhood who wanted to watch adult movies in a field?

More photos over on my Flickr page!

(edited to fix colour space issue)

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Gagra. Abandoned road tunnels

Jun. 17th, 2016 | 12:28 am
posted by: samnamos in abandonedplaces

>>>>>>>Text for English speaking friends <<<<<<

В начале 80х вокруг Гагр для улучшения экологической обстановки курорта было начато строительство объездной дороги. К концу десятилетия была сдана первая очередь, проходившая от пос. Псахара до ущ. Гагрипш протяженностью 8 км из которых 2 проходили по тоннелю. Примерно в тех же годах началось строительство второй очереди дороги от ущ. Гагрипш до ущ. Жоэквара, но с развалом союза работы были приостановлены. Тоннель был пройден на 2/3. Примерно на 300 м. с северной части и на 1,3 км с южной. Для полноценности объездной предполагалось также строительство третьей очереди от ущ. Жоэквара до выезда на Сухумское шоссе за чертой города, но планы так и осталось в проекте. В 90ых годах во время Грузино - Абхазской войны был взорван мост при въезде в южный тоннель и дорога долгое время не функционировала.  В марте 2013 года завершились восстановительные работы. В настоящее время движение открыто по первым двум тоннелям.

Заброшенные автомобильные тоннели Гагры (24 фото)Collapse )

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Gagra (Abhazia)

Jun. 15th, 2016 | 09:57 pm
posted by: samnamos in abandonedplaces

The same text in english.

Гагра считается самым теплым местом Черноморского побережья. Из-за контрастности высот горные ущелья вентилируют и обновляют воздух в городе. Горы создают здесь особый микроклимат, защищая город от холодных ветров и удерживая тёплый морской воздух. Поэтому Гагра считается одним из самых популярных курортных мест Абхазии. Население города составляет 10,7 тыс.чел. (2003), расположен в 20 км от Абхазско - Российского пограничного пункта "Псоу". В городе можно парков, достопримечательностей, домов отдыха и монументальных заброшенных советских сооружений, некоторые из которых мы с вами осмотрим.

Гагрские высотки (8 фото)Collapse )
Ж/д вокзал Гагра (8 фото)Collapse )
Ж/Д платформа Абаата (15 фото)Collapse )
ТЦ «Жоэквара» (11 фото)Collapse )

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Заброшенный Сухум

Jun. 9th, 2016 | 07:23 pm
posted by: samnamos in abandonedplaces

Во время Грузино - Абхазской войны, Сухуму досталось не слабо. В городе проходили ожесточенные перестрелки с переменным успехом между двумя сторонами. Сухум несколько раз полностью захватывали и вновь освобождали. В результате на многих зданиях остались отпечатки войны - следы от снарядов и пуль. После окончания войны, всех живших на территории Абхазии грузин депортировали, а освободившееся жилое пространство, в основном так и осталось пустовать без бывших хозяев. По этой причине для Абхазии вполне типичная картина - многоквартирный жилой дом, заселенный лишь на - половину. На западе Сухума даже есть целый жилой квартал из почти пустых домов. Впрочем война - не единственная причина большого колличества пустых домов. Многие здания были брошены в результате послевоенного кризиса. Например бывшие советские производства, НИИ и санатории. Всем любителям полазить по живописным пустующим брошкам без охраны посвящается.

НОВЫЙ РАЙОН (13 фото)Collapse )
Бывший санаторий РВСН (15 фото)Collapse )
Закат на здании Верховного совета (13 фото)Collapse )
Гидрофизический инстутут (15 фото)Collapse )Судоремонтный завод (11 фото)Collapse )

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"World Discoverer" Abandoned Off Solomon Islands...

May. 18th, 2016 | 02:42 pm
location: Solomon Islands
mood: sunk
music: The Chieftains: I Saw Three Ships A Sailing
posted by: pigshitpoet in abandonedplaces

On Sunday, April 30th, 2000, at 4 p.m. local time (0500 GMT), the ship struck a large uncharted rock or reef in the Sandfly Passage, Solomon Islands. Captain Oliver Kruess sent a distress signal, which was received in Honiara, the Solomon Islands’ capital city. A passenger ferry was dispatched to the ship and all passengers were then transported to safety. The captain then brought the ship into Roderick Bay after the ship began to list 20 degrees and grounded it to avoid sinking. After underwater surveying of the ship, the World Discoverer was declared to be a “constructive loss”. The ship has remained in Roderick Bay ever since. There were no reports of any oil, petroleum or other pollutant spills as a result of the impact.

World Discoverer

The MS World Discoverer was a cruise ship designed for and built by Schichau Unterweser, Germany in 1974. During construction called BEWA Discoverer, the ship was completed in Bremerhaven, Germany. The vessel was originally built as the BEWA Discoverer in 1974. The ship was sold to BEWA Cruises out of Denmark. In July 1976, the vessel was sold to Adventure Cruises, Inc. and was renamed the World Discoverer. The ship also became a long-term charter to Society Expeditions.

Helicopter fly-byCollapse )


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Abandoned Protestant church

May. 1st, 2016 | 07:18 pm
posted by: off_the_route in abandonedplaces

Definitely a must see, no matter how unusual this expression may sound speaking about forgotten place. An abandoned church, situated in Żeliszów, a village in southwestern Poland, so simple and grey from the outside, hides behind its thick walls a magical scenery that impresses everyone who opens the heavy doors of the temple.

More information and pictures on my Facebook page:


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Town of Bodie 10 Miles

Apr. 17th, 2016 | 08:33 am
location: Bodie California
mood: abandoned
music: Duane Eddy ♠ (Ghost) Riders In The Sky
posted by: pigshitpoet in abandonedplaces

Duane Eddy ♠ (Ghost) Riders In The Sky - instrumental of Ghost Town Bodie CA

Bodie is a ghost town located at a high elevation in far eastern California that can trace its beginnings to 1859 when a group of gold prospectors set up a mining camp. It wasn’t until 1876, with the discovery of a profitable find that the town started to take off. Growing from a small settlement to a relatively large town of 7,000 by 1880, the town was known as a wild western town, where murders, shootouts, barroom brawls, and stagecoach holdups were regular occurrences.

Ghost Town Bodie CA


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