Steven Perez (silas216) wrote in abandonedplaces,

memorial hospital, albuquerque, new mexico

Hello. New guy here. I decided on an easy target for a first entry to this community.

The old Memorial Hospital building on Central and I-25. The whole complex is locked up tighter than a drum, so I couldn't go inside. Still, I got some nice shots from outside the gate. Other than the main building in the front, there is a office building on the complex and what looks like some sort of waste disposal facility with a smokestack. Word of advice: empty hospitals are infinitely creepier in dreary weather.

stairway up (by silas216)

sign of life (by silas216)

main entrance (by silas216)

no trespassing (by silas216)

crematorium (by silas216)

dead trees (by silas216)

memory of the past (by silas216)

The rest of the collection can be found here.
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