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treasure island inn, daytona beach, FL

My boyfriend and I spent 3 weeks in Daytona Beach, FL (a hotbed of abandoned places) and found an 11-storey abandoned hotel that had stood there for the last 40 years. We spent about 4 hours exploring and reading packages of unopened documents behind the reception desk. As far as we can tell, it closed in  2004 when a hurricane casue immense structural damage. The began renovating and even had floor plans drawn up by an architect but for some reason they just have up and left. There were security patrols until 2007, but since then its just been left to vandals and the homeless. We met some drifters who were staying there who gave us the okay to come in and take pictures, but we didn't dare wander past the 4th floor because we didn't know who else was staying there and the drifters told us there was only dead pigeons. Enjoy the pictures!

We found their bank books, along with an entire folder of photocopies of Visas (front and back) and driver's licenses.

Vandals had completely destroyed the place.

This was the debt they incurred in January 2003.

The main lobby.

There was thousands of dollars worth of copper wire, I can't believe it hadn't already been gutted!

Floor plans for the main floor.

Inside one of the rooms.

Inside one of the former meeting rooms.

Another meeting room. Someone seems to have held a badass New Year's party here.

The room where the generator and power controls were.

A massive crack in the foundation.

More structural damage

The tiki bar

Can anyone identify this bug? Its bigger than any I've ever seen!

A paint roller in a rusted out paint can.

The underground rooms were filled with junk.

The whirlpool. According to the incident reports, some guy got awful burns on his junk in here.

A scary mask in the grass.

From the outside you can barely tell its abandoned!

Feedback is encouraged!

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