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Moscow metro: Eastern service line

Dec. 15th, 2012 | 12:42 am
posted by: samnamos in abandonedplaces

This tunnel connects the "Ring" line and "Lyudminsko - Dmitrovskaya" line. Was opened in 1985 in the areas of the Voljskaya - Chkalovskaya. Until the opening of the next segment, in 2007, Chkalovskaya - Trubnaya, trunk served as a dead end for circulating LDL. However, and after the opening, the NE is often used for parking trains from both LDL and for the Circle line. This staffing coverage during the day is only at the conventions.

Revolving impasse over Kursk station in addition to the actual extension in the service line has an additional exit at the second path.

Strengthening iron arches camera.

Second tunnel.

There is  no light overhead lines in tunnel. So I had to go through it completely in the dark.


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