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Factory of fertilizer (Voskresensk, Russia)

Dec. 23rd, 2012 | 12:53 am
posted by: samnamos in abandonedplaces

In this review, i will tell yo about a trip to a huge factory, whose territory stretches to more than 60 hectares. It is located close to the Resurrection. The company tremendously in size, but most importantly - it almost does not work. Name the plant abandoned difficult because area is almost untouched by looters and constantly patrolled operational security. We did not have time than a day to get around at least half territorii.

The territory of factory, we came to nearly dawn. Night Road from Moscow to Voskresensk, we took about a half hour. Day it could easily stretch to two times longer.

At first we did not believe in the fact that the plant abandoned. Everything looked inhabited, and the impression was that the workers would come in the morning and again boil production.

Already, literally, an hour later, the sun rose and met us sunny, but very cold weather. The first thing I decide to climb one of the four tall chimneys to sense the scale area.

Morning twilight.

At the top of the site of pipes installed counterweights, and the whole structure sways slightly.

Manufacturing plant is spread over a little more than a kilometer in length and 600 meters in width. Many shops, warehouses, workshops, utility rooms, and even of the railway.

Ground running lights, and in one of the buildings is a large step-down substation, which operates.

All constructions in satisfactory condition, in the shops kept some of the equipment, and the iron is not even touched. On the surface, I would
called the plant conserved because impression is that the repair of average complexity can revive production.

Plant personnel were very numerous. In the right corner you can see a special pivot area for buses to deliver in due time workers.

A bit about the plant. It produced phosphate feed additives. The territory consists of four large workshops and a variety of support structures, including storage. There are two complex structures that connect the huge pipes with a diameter of about 4 meters. Take a walk on one of them.

I did not get to the heart of production, but it seemed to me, with the help of mechanisms, pipes set in rotation, a thick gate locked and the contents incinerate with retractable gas burners (left over), is inserted into the hole in the gate. Material comes from the neighboring shop, held here this procedure and got through the holes on the lower floor.

From here on the conveyor belt fed to another stage of production.

Gas burners.

Valves. With the pipe has not had time peel off paint.

By the way, inside the tube is made of (!) Brick. It looks indistinguishable from the drainage collector of the early 20th century.

vanh1to. Partly preserved sinters breed.

It looks as if all the workers in one day just left the place, leaving intact even some personal stuff. Control room.

By the way, almost all the windows in the premises are safe. This is not a team to action.

We pass on the overpass to the next shop.

We go up to the high hall.

In all, 10 is not without thinking about the same height floors.

Inside place works too light, but most places are not covered, and the window openings on many floors are completely absent.

Shop in the building extended vertically. Sometimes several stories high. Walk through metal stairs in complete darkness, I confess, a little scary.

Steel wool is good not only for grinding, but also very much sparkle, if ignited. This myth, we decided to try out, and the effect was very unexpected!

Note the inconspicuous little room left. It appears from everything watchman on duty. Inside is very cozy room with a bed, a table and a window with a beautiful view of the area.

View from the room

In addition to iron staircase in the center of the building, as it turned out in the side had a normal staircase with elevator.

We go up to the roof of the building and find a stunning sunset.

Overpass in the adjacent building - elevator.

And somewhere in the distance smoke pipe "Industrial Voskresensk" ...


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