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High Rise

Jan. 16th, 2013 | 09:49 pm
posted by: thehoodwatch in abandonedplaces

Technically this is not abandoned, it's very active, but it's still urban exploration so I figured I would post it anyway. This was an under construction 34 story residential building. When we got here maybe the first 5 stories had drywall and glass on the outside but the rest were barren like you see in these photos. I'm not actually sure which floor these were taken on because it's possible they later added floors above where this was. My friends went a week earlier and their "roof" was this floor which obviously has another level above it. This place was pretty sketchy and intimidating, having lights and power on weirds me out so I normally stay away from active stuff. There was a security car on the ground with a guy in it we could see through the fence. However the design of the building made it so the worker's elevators actually blocked his field of vision. We parked the car and snuck down an alley next to this place. There were no doors on the bottom yet so we slid right in and up many flights of stairs. Once you got past a certain floor it had drywall interiors and these crazy industrial heaters on each level with flames inside blasting out intense heat. I'm surprised they would leave such things running when no one was around, seems like a fire hazard. Once we got about 3 floors from the top the stairwells ended and all that was left was a crazy ladder system going from floor to floor. Kind of wish I took a picture of it but we were kind of rushing through this. The ladders were bolted to plywood that was just sitting across beams with nothing but several floors of open space below them. The only thought I had was at least they are new and in good shape, not like an abandoned building, so I figured we could trust them. So up the ladders we went to the top. There did not appear to be any stairwells with doors leading to a roof so I imagine maybe this was not destined to be the very top floor. We spent about 30 minutes up here taking pictures. It was rainy and very foggy out so I didn't get the greatest shots but you get the point.










These photos are a month and a half old so I would be curious to know what it looks like at this point in time.


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