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The Mittagong Maltings - Abandoned Brewery

Feb. 23rd, 2015 | 08:37 am
posted by: daizy18 in abandonedplaces

I have been wanting to visit this place for nearly a year since first finding out about it. The Mittagong Maltings is an abandoned brewery that opened back in 1899 and finally closed its doors in 1980. The brewery is a series of 3 buildings named Malting House 1, 2 and 3. 1 and 2 were the first to be built with Malting House 3 built across the river about 6 years later. It is a mirror image to Malting House 1.

There are a 5 different levels to Malting House 1 and 3, each accessible by a number of dodgy staircases and holes in the wooden floor are everywhere. Definitely the most challenging place I have explored to date, but also one of the most exciting.


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Abandoned Farmhouse in Monegeetta, Victoria, Australia

Apr. 27th, 2014 | 01:23 pm
posted by: katiefoolery in abandonedplaces

So we went out roadtripping and I didn't take my camera.  And we found a gorgeous little abandoned farmhouse.  Of course.  It seems I learnt nothing from my previous experience.

I had my phone with me, at least, so I hopped out and snapped a few photos, watched all the while by curious sheep.

Monegeetta Farmhouse

I love the arched tops of those vacant front windows but what's with the almost brand-new roof? It seems out of place but it's also possible the house is being used to store hay. I couldn't get close enough to find out.

Monegeetta Farmhouse (a little closer)

Monegeetta is also home to Mintaro, a grand but decaying mansion that was bought last year for just under three million dollars.

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Abandoned Railway Station in Newstead, Victoria, Australia

Apr. 4th, 2014 | 10:45 pm
posted by: katiefoolery in abandonedplaces

A little while ago, I stumbled across the abandoned railway station at Newstead in Victoria. The station was opened in 1874 and only closed in 2004, so it's still in reasonably good condition. It's away from main roads but it's also situated near houses, a combination that has ensured it has experienced very little in the way of vandalism.

Newstead Station

This old station is towards the top of my list of favourite abandoned places. The atmosphere was just so warm and cosy from the minute we stepped inside - it was as though the place was desperate for a little company.

Now, how about a close-up of the gorgeous iron lacework on that front verandah?Collapse )

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Abandoned Railway Station in Barnawartha, Victoria, Australia

Mar. 17th, 2014 | 11:12 pm
posted by: katiefoolery in abandonedplaces

Hello! I come here bearing photos of Barnawartha Railway Station, which is located in the north east of Victoria (Australia). Although the station has been abandoned and unused for quite some time, it is apparently about to experience a new life as something arty. Thank goodness for that, because it's completely gorgeous.

My parents randomly decided to take me here on a recent visit and if I'd known they were going to do this, I would have packed my proper camera. There's probably a lesson in here: ALWAYS take your best camera with you if there's an off chance you may end up in the grounds of an abandoned railway station.

As we pulled up, a modern train sped through the station, providing an interesting counterpoint:

Train Passing

Station & Shed

Station Front

Side Door

The prickly pear was going absolutely crazy on the old platform.

Prickly Pear


Wrought Iron Detail

I love the old fireplace in here, but I'm pretty sure it belongs to the missing chimney, so there won't be much going on with that.

Through the Window

From the Door

Here's a photo of the station back when it was still running (courtesy of Museum Victoria):

Barnawartha Station

I completely failed to take any photos of the capstan that I assume was used for loading the freight trains, but that just gives me an excuse to go back one day with a better camera, doesn't it?

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Ruined House and Shearing Shed - Seven Gates, Lake Eucumbene NSW, Australia

Nov. 5th, 2013 | 10:17 pm
posted by: lookslikerain in abandonedplaces

Last Friday, my husband (who owns a fully certified UAV aerial photography business) took me along for the 2hr drive for one of his rural property aerial photography jobs.

When we reached the property, I wandered aimlessly up a hill, enjoying the view and marvelling at the fact there was still snow in the distance. From there I had a beautiful view of Lake Eucumbene (pronounced "you-come-been") and I spied the ruins of a shed on another hill in the distance. Since it fell into this side of the nature reserve, I casually mentioned that it would be interesting to take a closer look. I thought he'd just fly over from where we were and take a few passes once he'd finished his work. Instead when he was finished, he bundled his rig back into the car, shooed me round to the passenger side and off we drove, looping around along the road in the general direction of the shed. It was not a smooth ride - the graded dirt road ended and suddenly we bumping along the remains of where the road once was. Huge tufts of grass where sprouting up in the middle - no-one had driven along here in a long while. I held my breath as he swung around the muddy parts. No way was the NRMA coming all the way out here to get us unstuck if we got bogged!

We came to a gate and I got out to open it - the thing was so rusted, I wondered briefly if I'd be able to open it. I needn't have worried - it had no hinges, held in place by a flimsy piece of rusted wire. I had to lift and drag it out of the way and we drove a little further in. That's when I noticed the two lone fireplaces that had been behind the trees...

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Former swimming baths, Hobart Tasmania - revisited

Aug. 7th, 2013 | 08:05 pm
posted by: monissaw in abandonedplaces

Foyer - 1

Last year I shared some photos of the outside of abandoned swimming baths in Hobart. In July last year (yes, I'm a bit behind), I walked past again and noticed the front gate was a bit ajar.

Inside - 1

So I snuck in to see if I could see anything through the door/windows.

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Callan Park Mental Hospital

Jul. 22nd, 2013 | 07:28 am
posted by: daizy18 in abandonedplaces

Opened in the late 1800's, Callan Park Hospital started out as a pioneering institution for the treatment of the mentally ill in Sydney, Australia. However, after a few years the place soon became pretty grim with a massive overcrowding problem and a lack of funding.

It's a fascinating place, having only recently closed for good in 2008. The main hospital still stands although it now houses an art school, but many of the older buildings have long been abandoned and fallen into disrepair. Most are well and truly closed up with signs warning of asbestos danger, but there were a few places that were still accessible.

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Roller skating centre, Launceston, Tasmania

Apr. 28th, 2013 | 08:08 pm
posted by: monissaw in abandonedplaces

I just posted this to my own LJ but thought it might be of interest to some here too (sans the rambling thoughts on the recent history of roller skating in Launceston).

Former Roller World skating centre, Merino St, Launceston.


As far as I know, the complex here opened in the late 1990s after the previous site was sold. It was operating here by 2001 at any rate, and it closed about 2005. An archived copy of their website was last updated November 24. Then in February 2005, City Mission was looking to buy the site to replace their Youngtown warehouse after it burnt down. The fire at this site was in 2009. That we can't remember this, even though it was just a few years ago, probably shows how roller skating has declined in popularity since the 1980s.

I assume the fire is why the buildings is so well closed up now. No useful broken windows or gaps in the timber to take photos through.

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Cockatoo Island - Sydney, Australia

Feb. 2nd, 2013 | 08:30 am
posted by: daizy18 in abandonedplaces

Cockatoo Island lies in the middle of the Sydney Harbour. It has had many roles over the years, including a factory, a prison, and a school for wayward girls. Now, (after being closed to the public for 100 years) it's a popular place to go to explore the past.


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Australian Countryside Farm House

Jul. 23rd, 2012 | 01:07 pm
posted by: brik1111 in abandonedplaces

I found this house while camping a few months ago, about 2 hours drive from Perth, Western Australia. I have no idea what DSP stands for, but I'm guessing it's been abandoned since the 70's as I saw graffiti dating back to the early 80's. I'm surprised it has even been graffitied at all, it seriously was out in the middle of no where near no main roads or anything really of note.  

Since I've taken these photos I've updated my camera to a DSLR, so I'm hoping to get back there soon and take some better photos. 
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