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Chemical Laboratory

Mar. 12th, 2013 | 01:38 am
posted by: saoirse_2010 in abandonedplaces

Когда какая-нибудь крупная отрасль начинает деградировать или приходить в упадок, она вместе с собой тянет ко дну связанные с ней научные учреждения, производственные объекты и т.д. Останавливаются исследования, закрываются лаборатории, увольняется персонал, в местах где еще вчера кипела работа, теперь уже никого нет. Порой это происходит так неожиданно, что все оборудование и даже личные вещи остаются в закрытых зданиях на произвол судьбы. Скорее всего с этой лабораторией, которая занималась исследованием пестицидов, так и произошло.

When any large branch starts to degrade or decline it with a pull to the bottom of the related research institutions, industrial facilities, etc. Stop research lab closed, fire staff, in areas where the work was in full swing yesterday, now no one. Sometimes it happens so suddenly that all the equipment and even personal belongings remain in enclosed buildings to their fate. Most likely with this laboratory, which studies pesticide happened.

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Abandoned poison gas factory power plant, Okunoshima, Japan

Jan. 3rd, 2013 | 06:21 pm
posted by: dearmisterecho in abandonedplaces

Okunoshima, Japan is a small island in the Seto Inland Sea (between Honshu and Shikoku), and is famous primarily for two things. The first being the huge population of semi-wild rabbits that are found all over the island, and are so used to people that they will hop right up to you and beg for food.

The other is for it's very sordid history. You see, Okunoshima was the site of poison gas manufacturing during World War II. Because of it's size and discreet location, it was the optimum location of creating weapons secretly. The poison gas made here - including tear gas and mustard gas - was used all throughout Japan's occupation of East and Southeast Asia.  After the war, the island was quickly abandoned, and is now a tourist destination with a small resort, golf course, a tiny beach, and of course, tons of rabbits.

You don't have to go far to find ruins. Once you get off the dock, and take a right, you soon come across a rather spooky tunnel, and on the other side you see this:

Once you go threw it, you are standing right in front of one of the main power stations that supplied electricity to the weapons plants.

The signs say of course "no trespassing," but that never stops me (or anyone else, as the abundant amount of graffiti inside proves)...

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If you are interested in seeing more views of this building (including detailed views of the graffiti), other buildings on the island, and of course the bunnies, I have a whole set dedicated to Okunoshima on Flickr.

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FMC Tank Manufacturing Plant

Feb. 7th, 2010 | 11:24 am
location: United States, California, San Francisco
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posted by: alimjaved in abandonedplaces

The Facility, was purchased from the City of San Jose in 1946. Prior to that time, the land was reportedly used for agricultural purposes. Most of FMC’s operations since 1951 were dedicated to the design, production, and testing of military tracked vehicles under United States Department of Defense contracts.

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