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Abandoned High/Middle/Elementary School?

Ok so I finally found my camera charger and gathered the gall to go semi-explore this huge and beautiful abandoned school down the street from my college in Macon, GA. Granted I took these like a month ago but better late then never.

Before you get too excited let me go ahead and tell you I'm not as adventurous as some and seeing as how this thing is huge and in the middle of not the best of Macon "neighborhood's" I didn't go in, not to mention it's boarded up really well AND the back has kinda been turned into a police station BUT there was still plenty to see from the outside.

We started on the far right side
This is a close up of the design in the wall on right of the previous pic. Nick (my friend I dragged along took with me thought a design used to be in the middle and was kicked out or otherwise destroyed, we think the design probably matched the insignia found atop this entrance:

We proceded to the back of the building:

Nothing too particularly interesting about this part of the east wing so we continued to the center of the back and found a little......hut? That I GUESS was either a janitor station or security, idunno, not big/open enough for a green room.

another view above the hut:

To the right of the hut is the first time we encountered this painting:

My best guess is that the "3 o'clock project" was just the name of an after school program, it's all over primary school building on the other side.

By now we're feeling really safe and not so much afraid of random hobos jumping out at any God given moment as we creep around the other side:

Of course all these cop cars helped to strengthen that feeling of invincibility. It still sucks that the building's closed but I'm glad that it's somewhat protected w/ the police on campus.

Close up of a caged window/vent?

Fenced off entrance to the basement, which seems to be flooded....

We've almost made it to the other side of the main building. The awning connects the huge building on the left to the police trailor on the right, and the primary school straight ahead.

The left side entrance to the school doesn't have as grand a patio as the other but it still has the strange circle insignia and it's easier to see the other interesting mold/thing:

I especially like the old lamps on either side of the entrance:

Forget exactly where this one was but I told you they were everywhere:

Newho, that brings us out to the patio of the alleged primary school: same insignias as the other doors


O look, that's where the 2nd drawing was....or was it the 3rd...?

View from the I managed to keep getting my finger in the way is beyond me.

View of Nick telling me to come look at the playground between the folds of the buildings (there's a 3rd building to the left of the primary building, or maybe that's just a gym and the primary building is the building on the left, hell if I know.

Views of 3rd building:

Enough of that kiddie stuff, on to the rest of the big building:

I'm sure you noticed the "A.L. Miller High School" sign etched into the building in the first pic. So why the confused title? 

By hypothesis I'm sure we can just assume it became a middle school in it's later years.

Full front view scan:

Close ups on the architechture:

Up to the front entrance we go:

There are signs at the entrance talking about the building but FIRST, views from top of the stairs:

On the right (when facing the street)

Straight down:

To the left, where Nick stood on the other side:

Towards the street:

Finally the entrance:

Hobo trash:

1st sign:

2nd sign, which isn't as important to me:

Other random views/things:

Yea so like the school's obviously no longer in use but it must not have been TOO long ago it was shut down b/c the air conditioning wall units are all in good condition AND they kept coming on!?

Well, MOSTLY in good condition:

And THAT ladies and gents is my first abandoned post. Hope you enjoyed it almost as much as I enjoyed taking them. 

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