Leah (prettyvacunt6) wrote in abandonedplaces,

First House at Night

First House during the day

You can see Erika and Charissa in the corner :-P

Mini Broom found inside

Dried Flowers still hanging in the kitchen

Little Mini Midget Room

Skeleton Keys still hanging

Piano and Stand left in the living room

Weird fucking statues in the attic

creepy drawing in the attic

books and shit left in the attic

cradle in one of the rooms... creepiest thing of all

House # 2

cody and erika looking for a way in

our only hope to get in

piano left in this house also

weird fucking chair....

sorry theres not many and they're not very good but i was too distracted looking around and being spooked by noises
we are hopefully goign back to both at night
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