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just joined this community, the title alone defines a big part of my interests....

ok, well, here is a project I did last winter/spring..

this is a series i did on a warehouse in albuquerque, New Mexico.

more here:

It was a particle board factory named Ponderosa Products. they made plywood like substance from sawdust for those who dont know what particle board is. the factory had already been abondon for 10 years before i photogrpahed it. it seemed to be completely abondon, like people just left, didn't even take any documentation. i actually found the foreman's log for about 5 years time. all of these photos acutally found their way into the log for my final product. i wanted the phtotos to be part of the documentation of this mysterious place.

i loved it there, but near the end of my shooting there, they hired a security gaurd to watch the front entrance. someone had bought the place and didn't want anymore tresspassers. ohwell, nothing good can last for ever.

here is what i recorded, i also have about 20 rolls of contact sheets too...

please, all comments are welcome...


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