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Abandoned Places – US 395 wander [Part 1] - Hawes Revisited

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Jul. 5th, 2007 | 10:41 am
location: Los Angeles County
mood: creativecreative
music: Oingo Boingo - Weird Science
posted by: jj_maccrimmon in abandonedplaces

Several months ago (February in fact), the munchins and I made a trip out to the Hawes Bunker (this was visit 2 of 3). This was mainly a side trip as we searched locations along the US 395 corridor. As it happens the search along US 395 wasn’t terribly successful so we stopped at familiar places like Hawes, and the former George AFB. On the way home, we found a bunch of 1880 thru 1920 era shacks in the desert near Lake Los Angeles.

Why so long with these photos?.. Read on at the bottom..

The pit of despair - This time we visited the Hawes site with heavy duty lights. Even with these lights, it was still and very, very dark.

The Radio Room – this room was once covered in copper sheeting and insulation to reduce potential interference and completely ground the surrounding. Scavengers have long since removed the evidence.

Crew quarters and lounge

A slightly different angle of the graffiti in the room

The generator room

Mountings and memories

Next up is new views of what had been George AFB and our run in with the security there.

A preview - the housing area

An explanation: Over the past few months, I’ve been busy doing three very important (in my mind) things.
1. Family and personal issues have kept me from doing a bunch of editing and formatting till recently.
2. I’ve been photographing various subjects like mad (14 sets of new photos & 8 of those are abandoned sites).
3. I’ve been selecting and preparing photos for my first public showing in September. At the September edition of Fright Night LA, I will be the featured artist. If you’re in Los Angeles on or about Sept 14th, come out and say hello. I may post a preview of the selected photos just prior to the show. If the show is a success (commercial / critical), I’m going to see whether or not there would be interest by a gallery to show them afterward.

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from: jj_maccrimmon
date: Jul. 5th, 2007 10:53 pm (UTC)

AFB = Air Force Base: George AFB was an installation of the United States Air Force until it was closed down in 1988. The facilities were turned over to the local community after clean efforts, but many of the areas, including this housing block, could not be reutilized in their primary form (some houses were considered sub-standard for utilities, some had asbestos, and some were considered outside of local building codes). These houses shown, have been used for SWAT Team and Army urban warfare training. needless to say, they've seen far better days.

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