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First Time Poster

I've been lurking in the community for a few months now, and have been slowly building up a stash of interesting abandoned places. Anyway, I'm from Vermont, and one of the most popular abandoned attractions here in Northern New England/Northern New York (as well as something that interests me a whole lot) is abandoned ski areas. There are literally TONS of these old areas around, and the more ski lifts/lodges/stuff left behind the more intersting they are. Anyway, here's my first set of photos for you all:

Mittersill Ski Area, Franconia Notch NH:
Mittersill Ski Area is a ski area adjacent to the still operating Cannon Mountain, right off of I-93 in Franconia Notch New Hampshire. Mittersill closed around 1985, but the trails are still kept clear for skiing, and easily accessable from Cannon. You can read more about the history of this ski area here. The New England Lost Ski Areas Project has a TON of listings of ski areas like this throughout New England and neighboring states/provinces, for those of you interested.

The summit lift shack and "bullwheel" return station of the old double chairlift.

This was wierd. It was written inside that small shack in the first picture it says:


Some of the rusting double chair towers and the summit unloading ramp. Mittersill is a popular place for people who want a taste of some "backcountry" skiing.

A Close up of one of the towers and unloading ramp.

A view of another tower farther down the mountain. Notice how the cable has fallen off the tower after years of neglect.

A shot of the chairlift from a distance, showing it travel up the mountain thru the trees.

One of my favorite shots. A close up of a rusting tower.

The base motor house for the double chair. I didn't go any closer because otherwise it would have been a WICKED hike to get back to Cannon (where I parked) and I was sweating bullets as it was from the skiing.

A shot of the chairlift (also with the cable off the tower) and a tower near the top of the T-bar (another type of ski lift) that went halfway up the mountain.

Another cool close up shot. This time of the T-Bar tower.

T-Bar tower and summit shack. The cable for this lift is long gone.

The "bullwheel" for the T-bar in the woods.

More wierd writing. This was written inside the T-Bar shack:
Rules of Skiing at Mittersill!
1. Clean trails consitently
2. Don't ski here otherwise
3. No Excuses
4. If you ski here anyway
5. You are a ZERO!

And in closing, here's the view from the top of Mittersill, showing Mt. Lafayette and Cannon Mountain Ski Area. Not too shabby.

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