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i live near detroit and go to school in the middle of nowhere in the upper peninsula.
the 9 hour ride is very boring unless you make stops.
there are lots of houses like these along the way,
a lot abandoned
but still some being used

an old couple lived in this house.
their 50th anniversary cards were still there.
 although they had a tv, they had no bathroom.
one room was full of newspaper shreddings as if it was "the dog's room"
there were some sweet coats in the closet, but unfortunately they were in no condition to be worn.

this house had a hole that went form the top floor all the way down to the basement. it was huge. it was like the size of a small room. There was nothing around that looked like it could have caused the hole.
This house also had a lot of shoes.
single shoes.
like 5 of them
but nowhere did I find a complete pair.
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