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A first post - Lost Farms of So Cal (part 1)

Greetings all,

This is my first post here, but not my first expedition. I used to post with an established website, but after something of a falling out with the owner and several former friends, I've kept my shots to myself - till now.

Last January my kids and I journeyed from the edge of the Mojave Desert to the foothills of the Ventura Mountians. The goal was the play in the recent snows, but as a side benefit we found three abandoned and decaying farms on the way.

Hope you guys enjoy them.

This was a road house / farm on the old Hwy 99 leading through the Grapevine to LA from the central valley. Time and the main raods have passed it by.

Did I mention this place was in the middle of nowhere?

Outside, a power supply box hooked to a well that would never irrigate.

The house and surrounding area was silent save for the rush of the winds and patter of rain.

As a testimate to it's age, the house even had a cellar. In earthquake fearful California, these disappeared from construction in the early 1930's.
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