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Kadikchan - Death valley

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Kadikchan (Кадыкчан) (in translation with evensk language - Death valley) - settlement of city type in area Susumansk of the Magadan district. The population on census of 2002 - 875 inhabitants, by informal calculations on 2006-791 person. According to for January of 1986 - 10270 person.

Thrown miner’s “city-phantom” is located in 65 km to the nort-west the Susuman cities in river basin Ayan-Urya (inflow of Kolyma). In houses - books and furniture, in garages - machines, in toilets - children’s pots. On the area at a cinema - the bust of V.I.Lenin shot at last by inhabitants.

Inhabitants evacuated in some days when city “have defrozen”. Since then and costs… Remains only two basic inhabitants. Above city - the terrible silence broken by a rare gnash of roofing iron on a wind yes by shouts a raven..

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