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Salton Sea trip (x-posted from Socal_abandoned)

Trying desperately to coordinate travel plans till 10:30p the night before...
Getting up at 4:50am to leave the house at 5:50am...
Driving 400 miles round trip including 300 through the LA metro area...
Wandering through salt bogs, chemically tainted ruins, fire damaged motels...
Getting dirty and grimier here than any other place I've ever explored...
Dinner in Indochina, Iodine, er Indio with friends...
Getting home at 9:30pm, utterly exhausted, with 200 images - priceless

Folks, I'd sincerely like to to thank eightwednesday for organizing the trip yesterday. My kids and I picked up fynoda near Culver City and braved the Los Angeles traffic to get to the meeting point in Cabazon. Even with moderate traffic, it took nearly 2 hours to get from her apartment to the Wheel Inn and that was only the begining. Like the joking description notes, it was a really long day. For the folks who messaged me at various points expressing interest or begging rides, I genuinely wish I could have been more accommodating. I would have really liked it if more people could have joined us, but I could only do just so much. I was as flexible as I could be, but travel planning/communication issues need to be settled at least 24 hours prior to any trip.

To let everyone know, we visited the North Shore Yacht Club, the North Shore Motel, various ruins in Bombay Beach and a brief stop at the Corvina Cafe'. While it would have been nice to get to Salton City (pop 980) on the south shore or to the mud volcanoes on the southeastern edge of the Sea, we simply ran out of time, light and energy. As is, we saw a lot. Photo highlights soon, full essay later.
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