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Harbey - settlement of prisoners

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Harbey settlement are allocated on the north of Russia over that west part of Yamalo-Nenecki district, over that polar circle.

Settlement was arise around of Stalin concentration camp in 1940-1950 year. The Prisoners of Harbey-camp was mining a molybdenum and uranium. Under the armed escort, prisoners transporting mined ore on the wheelbarrow to the Vorkuta (150km).

Because, this camp was considered as most terrible, forwarded here prisoners was sentenced to be shot.

The graveyard in settlement was absented. The died prisoners was dumped to the wasted fangs.

In “light” years the population of settlement did not exceed the 2000 inhabitants. Desolation has begun at 1950-1960 years, when camp was closed. Two years ago, slided down avalanche, was destroy settlement Harbey.

Ruins of a camp barrack

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