takkunmonsoon (takkunmonsoon) wrote in abandonedplaces,

puyallup wash

Just outside Tacoma, off SR-167/River Rd.

The ceiling had long caved in.
I took a quick glance at Google Maps to see where exactly this was, between farmland-turned-suburbs, and across the field is this....odd circle-looking thing. I couldn't see it from the home, though I could easily see Mt. Rainier (see above).

Out back, there was a big fluffy thing that looked a bit like that rug in the kitchen. I wasn't sure if it was dead or not.

That light reminds me a bit of my 1920s-era junior high school in the city, in a district where all the buildings have fixtures like that.

There was an elementary school across the street. The house sat there, unassuming, between it and the Washington Premiere FC fields.
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