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Mudcura Sanitarium - exterior

I know I may have posted about this place before, but now I've rescanned everything (everything I had - still looking for the negatives) and so you need to see it again, in all its awesomeness! For it is: Mudcura Sanitarium!!! (Also known as "Hell House," or "Satan House")

Here it is on a postcard from 1914. Here is what Action Squad has to say about it (scroll past my bad scans to the text underneath). It was a place where people with rheumatoid arthritis would take mud baths, and then it was used as a monastery.

And here it is in 1996!

Picture from 1924.

Some arthritics getting the mud in 1910.

And here it is in 1996 again! That's the year we went. I found it based on a tip I had heard from someone. It was sooooo beautiful!

I don't know what it was about that place though. It gave me the fuckin' heebie-jeebies! It was creepy up one side and down the other! There was even a stagnant pool full of what looked like shiny black balls floating in black water in a room in the basement. That freaked my shit right out.

I never did get a good, solid picture of the whole thing. But then, I had that scorching case of crappycameraitis. I never got a picture of the full front, where across the top someone had painted "HELL HOUSE." I can only tell you it was awesome, yet I have nothing to back that up.

This is as much of the front in one picture as I ever got. Pay no attention to the ghost.

The building was like 3 buildings stuck together; the front building and then two wings that came off either side in the back. This narrow courtyard was between the wings.

The courtyard as seen from inside on the main floor.

And as seen from the second floor. See how on the 2nd and 3rd floors there is just a metal bridge between the buildings, with no railing? I never did go out on those.

The creepy stream out back.

I hate to end this story so soon, but not too long after I found the place, this happened. I remember it was late 1997. There had been a fire in there before that supposedly kids had set, and it had burned through the roof and the floor below. I don't know who set this one. A lone arsonist, kids partying, or someone wanting insurance money? I have no idea, but it was a sad, sad day.

I hadn't been there for a long time before that, and one night my boyfriend and I got this strange urge to go there. As we drove down the road, there was an eerie orange glow. I think it may have been screaming and on some level, we heard it. Poor Hellhouse!

This was what was left after the fire.

Now I hear there is no trace of it ever having been there, other than the metal gates along the highway.

But hey! At least there are the interiors, which I will post sometime soon!
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