Xtina (imrygels_ho) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Sylvester Cemetery, East Atlanta VIllage, GA

These are a few photos I took about a year ago. The entire gallery is here (I have more photos that I did not upload - around 200+).  There is a foundation devoted to cleaning the place up and that does tours also. I'll be going for more photos soon, since it's right down the street (been too busy lately), as these don't even skim the surface of how large this place really is. Warning - photos were taken with my old trusty Mavica and I was playing around with the B&W, sepiatone, and negative functions...

An old building across the street, next to the newer section of the cemetery. A while back I found out that it was being used for something, an art show I think, but I don't know if it is permanently occupied.

This plot reminds me of the Lorax.

There are many, many graves with trees growing from them.

There are also many, many sunken graves.

Notice anything peculiar? No death date for the wife!

I also have photos of a very, VERY abandoned cemetery (apparently, it is not on any state records) that is in Cobb County tucked away on a hill behind a contruction equipment rental place and at the very top of an abandoned water slide park! You can see the cemetery wall from the top of the slides - only about 15-20 feet away if memory serves. The photos were taken before I ever had a digital camera and before film developing shops started putting them on CDs for you, but once I scan them all in I will post them.
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