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Riverview Mental Hospital

Riverview Mental Hospital
Vancouver, BC
(the largest mental institution in North America)

There are several buildings throughout the 1,000 acres of the hospital, some still house several hundred patients
The Westlawn building was built in 1913 & was closed in 1983. [pictured here in 1913]

how creepy is that...

main entrance

"West Lawn Building, this building is no longer in use for patient programs"

boarded up windows

once inside.

we shouldve been wearing these. the musty smell & asbestos presence was incredible

cages & shit

this was at the very top floor. the floor was severely decayed. we had to test it first before walking on it. i was so scared that i was going to fall through the floor. this giant room with tiny lil rooms. all the doors were labelled with room numbers such as "3D" shit like that. the rooms were smaller than a closet. you could not lay down. the thought of people being locked up in there blows my mind.

more of them

& that is how big each of them were

we were walking through this in the PITCH BLACK & stupid me was wearing flip flops

i seriously shrieked when the flash went off & i saw what this hallway looked like.

seeing this made me realize it really wasnt a good idea to be in there without masks

stairs, something scurried across my feet & i almost died

hazardous material suits hmmm

im not quite sure what this is...but now that i know that theres tunnels that connect between buildings


I've included a map of the hospital grounds.
Several of these buildings are now abandoned.
I circled the building I entered in green.

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