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sad little place on outskirts of columbia missouri

my boi and i found this house by mistake; we were driving back from visiting a home that had been abandoned last year but is now being lovingly renovated. this random find is right across the street from a modern development, and has a for sale sign out front. from what we can tell though, all the realtor has done is sweep squatter trash into piles in the house. the front door was unlocked. the grounds had a lot of fifties era evidence, but the interior had clearly been redone around the seventies, ie: horrible fake wood paneling.

i love old tools/equipment, especially with the wooden bits rotting away.

one too many crazy house parties...

stacks and stacks of lovely old windows that i really covet.

flown the coop!

am also a little obsessed with doors. especially locked ones that serve no current purpose.

view from the shed, the walls of which were carpeted and which had a couch. and one shoe.

all the modern conveniences for this place with the carpeted walls! heh.

an adapted well behind the house, which had this awesome little roof-shaped cover atop it. it was alarmingly easy for us to lift, and also looked alarmingly easy for a child to fall right into. :^o

time for some down-home cookin'... or a good place for mousies to raise a fam. i found a best in one of the broiler drawers.

we found this pack of cards in a cupboard, all intact.

exquisite pink ceramic tiled ceiling in bathroom! a major selling point to be sure.

a squatter with very good taste in reading material.

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