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Another Factory

Northeast Ohio- went exploring with a friend of mine again, who is an excellent photographer.

The building had the coolest peeling paint i've ever seen. Layers upon layers, white peeling to green peeling to red coming off the brick. It was just giant sheets of paint peeling off, so freakin' cool.

Other notable things...
A broken clock stopped at 5:30 which I didn't shoot but michael did.
An elevator with a suitcase on top of it.
Spilled mercury ALL OVER the floor. The most mercury i've EVER seen.
A dusty old fedora laying on a machine.
The brick in the main building was PULLED from the ground in strips like someone was ripping stuff up from under the floor, so the floor looked like the monster from Tremors was under it.
Really cool boilers.

I peered out over the open part that was pretty much on a main road...and saw the coolest control panel. I'm like "Michael, come over here, you've got to see this!" so he checks it out. Then we spend the next 15 minutes talking about the best way to get over there and if it's worth the risk.
So he goes to check it out and I wait, because it wasn't worth the risk for me, for the shots I could get. He's much better at shooting stuff like control panels than I am.
Then I hear "Carissa, Carissa!"
I peek my head out into the wide open and he's like signaling for me to come over.
So I do my fastest rushing over even more broken glass (sheets upon sheets were stacked up and pretty much the entire floor was covered in it) and get in the room.
Full of giant old boilers and just the coolest machinery.
We shot in there for another 2+ hours.

Of course, i'm bored again poking around re-shooting stuff and getting some neat macros, and I look on the ground and see these shiny drops...i was like "Did it get hot enough in here to melt glass?" So I go poke it with a stick to see if it's stuck on the floor and it MOVES. IT WAS FREAKIN MERCURY.
So I shoot it....lol. Then i'm like "Wait, i'm standing on a rug..." So I lift up the rug and OMG THERE WAS SO MUCH. Seriously, like a cup and a half of mercury just LAYING on the ground.
So I shot it, lol. (safely of course!)

Michael was pointing out various documents (inventory from the tool crib, a paper cert on one of the boilers) and I found a stapled like meeting itinerary talking about what colors to paint what room, etc. His dad used to work in that factory, and there's very little information on it anywhere, so finding the little bit of history was neat.

So here are the shots I came away with...

I hope you like them. :)

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