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Whalom Park Update

So glad to see the recent interest in abandoned amusement parks recently, as they are really a cool find. So after all the responses on my original post, I did a little research on the area:

Appearantly, the park holds a great historical significance. It was opened in 1893 (the 10th oldest park in America!) on the shores of Whalom Lake, between the towns of Leomonster and Lunenburg Massachusetts. The park ran into financial troubles in the late 90's, and efforts were made to keep the place open, but 2000 was the park's final year of operation. In March 2002, vandals burnt down the park's ballroom. The park's owners tried to raise funds to reopen the park by selling Whalom "Whales," but this didn't work and the park has laid dormant for 5 years now. A developer appearantly wanted to buy the land, tear down the park, and build a housing development, but this seems to have either fallen thru or has been delayed. I haven't really found any websites updated after 2003, so it's either safe to say that efforts to reopen the park have ended, or that the park is for sale and that no one has baught it.

To get to Whalom (from the Boston area), take Route 2 to exit 32 in Leomonster, just outside of Fitchburg, get on Main street, and stay on main street until it turns into Electric Avenue (left at the fork). Its less than a mile from the fork in the road, on the right. I didn't have much time to try and get in the park when I was there (I was in a hurry to get to Keene NH, but made a side trip to see this place) but it doesn't seem like there's tight security at the place or anything. Just be careful.

Some cool websites with cool past and present pictures:

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