JJ_MacCrimmon (jj_maccrimmon) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Abandoned Places - Hawes (Helendale) Bunker Murders

For those interested in the story here's follow up on the double murder and the immenent destruction of the Hawes Communcations Relay (Helendale Bunker). Back in January, two teenagers were shot dead execution style in the large military bunker in the desert east of Edwards AFB, California. After extensive on-line leads, four arrests have been made. Both the shooter, his principal accomplice and two lookouts are in custody for the crime. For whatever reasons, the district attorney is not going for the death penalty for the shooter.

In related news, the Bureau of Land Management which controls the site and the USAF which owns it, have commenced the demolition process. I held off mentioning this till now so barriers and security could be established and no final sight-seers would attempt the visit. According to Air Force and press releases, the site will be down by my May. No explosives will be used and instead the upper sections of the bunker will be broken up and dumped into the lower casements of the old AF station. Following that, the dirt which once covered exterior of the bunker will be backed over the rubble.
Tags: abandoned place, hawes, military, murder

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