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Abandoned Places – The Last Expedition (part 2 of 2)

Ok to clarify, in September of 2007 I took my last expedition with badgerphone. After we departed the ruins east of Lancaster we headed make in and one of us remembered a burned adobe ranch that was supposed to be redeveloped by the city. The ranch had been a gift to the City of Lancaster and dated back to the 1920’s. Unfortunately the city once again proved it’s utter inability to preserve anything of historic value. Vandals or transients got into the site and burned it down.

The Ruins

The site is adjacent to one of the worst sections of Lancaster, but that doesn’t phase these locals

Fire scarred this beautiful old site.

Glancing through the ruins

Here I caught badgerphone checking out her camera and the other photographer

Going in

The fuse box was in the bathroom

Outbound.. Knowing Lancaster, they’ve plowed the building by now versus restoring it

Next - San Pedro, Fort McArthur and Rancho Palos Verdes
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