nxdxgwen (nxdxgwen) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Abandoned Mini Golf Course Bloomsburg, PA

So, I know some of you have posted mini golf courses before, but I dont think this one has ever been posted this one. I found it in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania and I was SOOOOO happy to find it because Ive been dying to shoot one! Oh and I just found out my parents used to live right next to an abandoned amusement park! How cool is that? Anyways here we go....

Wolf Hollow Mini Golf 

Inside of payment booth/where you get your balls 

I felt bad for this poor windmill. It was broken and not spinning around. :( 

Windmill window 

Top of windmill/accidental self portrait 

This was only slightly creepy....

Well thats all i can post for now. Ill post more tommorow!


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