Zermine (zermine) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Fort Tanjong Katong 2006

" In 2002, the fort was “rediscovered” by a local who lived opposite the park who noticed a difference in the colour of grass, showing the outline of a structure underneath. Excavations of the fort in 2004 and 2005 revealed portions of the moat, fortification wall, drawbridge structure and bastions. "

- extract from : http://www.southeastasianarchaeology.com/2007/07/12/a-rare-photograph-of-fort-tanjong-katong/

This piece of news intrigued me as I am a history freak. Whats more, it is on open public area, Katong Park. Therefore, I decided to make a trip down and take a look for myself. I was fascinated by the condition of the bastions and fortification that had been excavated. There are many small glass pieces that were from soda bottles fixed onto the top of the fortification walls.

Below is the album contains photographs taken at the site.

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