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A friend of mine expressed to me an interest in "haunted house hunting" about a week ago.. she found a few places off a website and one of the places I was actually familiar with, so we decided to group up with some friends for safety and drive out there in the middle of the night. We live in a town in the desert and driving less than 10 minutes in any direction puts you smack dab in the middle of nowhere.. so it was very creepy. And very dark. Armed with flashlights and a couple of fearless men, however, we figured we'd be okay lest we encountered any angry transients or coyotes.

Pile of debris outside the building.

This building is rumored to be several things.. on the website my friend found, it was listed as an abandoned church. I've heard that it was a lodge. Whatever it was, it had very neat architecture.

An empty shell of a TV

It could seem likely that it was a church judging by the windows. Lodges in our area tend to be squat, boxy buildings with tiny windows.

A few of us were wondering how the hell they got a boat in here.. and why on earth would they put it there.


Modeling some graffiti.. I couldn't get all the graffiti in the shot but it said "huge vagina"

Tires.. and the boat.

More strange graffiti.

Back outside there was much debris scattered around.. including children's shoes.

Now this was awesome! Skull graffiti on a bit of concrete.

...There was even porn..!

Anywho, that's all!
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