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six from London

Gents toilets, Stamford Hill, Hackney, East London.

Currie House, a late-1930s built block of council (government) flats on the Aberfeldy Estate in Poplar, East London. The ground floor is still in use as a makeshift community mosque, and a handful of households are still in the building - the strain on public housing in Tower Hamlets is so severe that it can take two or three years to get a block of flats emptied and their constituent households moved elsewhere. In the case of this building it has been even longer - more like four at the time this photo was taken.

Two of the reinforcing steels which hold in the toxic spoil tip forming the only 'hill' in this part of East London - the Beckton Alps. The name comes from the artificial ski slope that existed here in the 1990s. The developers packed up and left around the turn of the millennium, and since then the spot has fallen into disrepair, but it has served to become a hangout for groups wanting to chill out to a view, rendez-vous with a significant other or just reflect in peace.

More derelict local authority flats on Victoria Way in Charlton, SE London. These ones had only just been emptied out - the flat in the top left was still in occupation, complete with the additional security arrangements that are a necessity when you're the last home in occupation in a place like this.

Victoria Way, again. The top floor flat is the last flat in occupation in this block. The habit of hanging England flags out of windows is quite common away from inner London.

The remaining 50% of the gargantuan Lintons block in Barking, East London. In the early 1990s the local authority threw all of the money available at this building in an attempt to make it more habitable, a mission which turned it from a grey and black dump into a multicoloured dump with a weird dome on top and a porter's desk. A superficial job at best, ignoring the more pressing issues e.g. rotting windows and damp. These schemes tend to be done with a view to adding another 30-40 years to the life of a building, but in this case it was 11 before the council was moving people out with a view to knocking the place down.
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