Jackie (i_willremember) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Henryton Sanitarium, MD

The town of Henryton was a small town neighboring Ellicot City and Sykesville, and featured an immense 4-winged hospital in which African Americans infected with  tuberculosis were sent to parish. Once the vaccine for TB was created, the hospital was used to house and treat children with mental/learning disabilities. The town was evacuated in 1985 due to asbestos.

I've been here twice now, and this town is AWESOME. there is definitely some paranormal activity occuring here -- the constant feeling of  being watched/followed, objects moving on their own, and voices.


from top to bottom: the crematory, front of the hospital, back of the hospital, schoolhouse, view of miscellaneous buildings [housing? more schoolhouses?] on the hill, large building on top of hill, inside the building [looks like child-housing], view of Henryton from top of hill, staircase, back of hospital, inside the school [with me in the R hand corner and Shawn's flashlight in the L corner], inside of the hospital.
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