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Phantom Parking Lots

I have recently taken to the practice of exploring the surrounding region in which I live with online satellite imagery. When I find something worth looking into, I track it down on foot. It's interesting what you can find out about your own region by jumping on googlemaps.com and snooping around with the satellite preview. I find myself dragging the maps along until I discover something that sticks out.

Recently I was exploring the surrounding woods of a common neighborhood road I travel on a daily basis. I noticed a road in the satellite data that I never knew existed; a long serpentine path leading to what appeared to be giant clearings in the middle of nowhere. I pinpointed the exact location of the road entrance, and decided to make a day of exploring it on foot. The grounds of a newly renovated business building on Hackett Hill shrouded this road quite well from the eyes of passersby, but once I found the road and slipped under the rusty gate, I was hooked, ignoring the "No Trespassing" signs, of course.

The farther down the road I walked, the more strangely peaceful it became. The asphalt was old, grass growing out of its potholes and cracks. All along the miles of silent road hedged in by overgrowth stood tall and broken street lamps. The road wound around in the woods, leading to various phantom parking lots, empty and silent. Apparently this was some sort of abandoned city project started some time ago.

It was a strangely beautiful experience, walking along these roads and standing in these great open parking lots in the middle of the woods
at the height of the Autumn season. I have a compulsion to visit this place again, but at night next time.

Anyway, here are a few shots I took on my travels.

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