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From 1902 until 1982, this compound was known as the Ladd School (a mental hospital and rehabilitation center). Now called the Joseph P. Ladd Center it is an abandoned site. The buildings today are deserted and in total disrepair. The area is crumbling on itself slowly and the only new thing is the graffity on all the walls and the garbage on the floors. The area use to contain 10 buildings including a 6-story hospital, a large gym recreational center, a power plant with 400 foot tower, a community center, a dorm room building, a class room building, a crematorium, a cafeteria center, and a few administration buildings. Now only a few of those buildings are left, and those remaining are falling apart.

some graffitti on the outside of the hospital.

ahh the comfort of art supplies.

walking towards the only entrance, a window in a breezeway between the hospital basement and the dentist.

"By 1923 there were more than 365 inmates, and the school was grossly overcrowded. In addition, funds were inadequate to allow for simple necessities such as dental care, a morgue, or recreational facilities. The school was lambasted in the Providence Journal for being a firetrap and having no functioning hospital or chapel. It was also revealed that, while a cursory physical exam was performed on admittance, there were no psychological exams given; and most of the care the patients received was simply custodial in nature. They were cleaned and fed but little else."

turn the corner to find a slab to put dead bodies on.

and then across the hall do their laundry and reuse the clothes.

up the stairs into the hospital.

or take the elevator anyone?

running water have a drink!

no safety behind that door anymore.

a room for your hospital stay.

"New buildings were added, but they failed to keep up with the ever-increasing number of patients being admitted. By 1950 there were nearly 900 patients crammed together in the poor living conditions. Added to overpopulation, it was later revealed, was the fact that there was only one real doctor working at the Ladd School, and that was Dr. Joseph H. Ladd himself. The other staff members possessed little or no medical training."

back down the stairs, by the entrance and into the dentist.

no organization, and untrained doctors performing.

"One inspector commented on finding bloody sponges and towels on the dentistry room floor and that he could find no means of sterilization save for a bar of soap he picked up from under a chair."

"does the door work?"

the retarded "no" door.

up the stairs!

"One female inmate turned up pregnant twice, either by other mentally handicapped inmates or by hospital staff. A boy of only nine years old was found stuffed in a laundry sack and left in a shower stall where he asphyxiated, and an elderly inmate was killed when another patient pushed him down a flight of stairs."

lets walk around the bend.
what a nice trip to the dentist.

more stairs, and some graf.

"A probe was launched, investigating allegations of widespread abuse and neglect at the school, and the results were horrifying. Patients slept on cots packed head to foot in rows with less than nine inches between them. Those who were unruly were routinely beaten, and many of the rooms had neither toilets nor sinks. Rats infested the living and dining areas, and patients' medical conditions were not being addressed."

mysterious mist around the corner.

we walked in a circle?

group shot outside.


the dentistry building.

down the basement hall, travel into the hospital once again.

cold vents.

"Patients were overdosed and died because their medication was either improperly prescribed or given incompetently by a person with no medical training. Skin disease and boils were prevalent among the inmates, and many of them showed so many signs of neglect that they lay at death's door. Doctors who saw released patients were astounded and enraged at the lack of dignity afforded the patients of what was now called The Ladd School."





blankets blankets.

a retard shitting.

a historical re-creation at Ladd.

"One of the scariest buildings currently still standing is the hospital. The water tub hydro therapy room is located in the very freaky hospital building. The run down room still holds many objects and hospital furniture, including a torture tub that was used on patients here in the past."

"It is known that patient torture occured at hospitals like this one during the early and mid 1900's. Water torture and electro shock therapy were commonly used on the mentally handicapped patients."

"When you enter this room, right away fear overtakes you. Its one of the most scary rooms on the site."

a comfy padded bed.

a spek of light.

girls dormitory.

mad lights, lights on!

more info

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