elora_danan77 (elora_danan77) wrote in abandonedplaces,


I stumbled across this group on the front-page feature. :-) I've been nuts about old buildings for years! My hubby thinks I'm insane because I have to stop and take pictures pretty constantly on road trips. Here's a few taken as we were driving away from the Arch in St. Louis, MO last Friday:

Something tells me they aren't actually using that for the power company any more. :-) The one below is actually in use, though. It still has a definitely abandoned feel to it. Whatever it _was_, it has been made into a train stop (the one right by the arch).

I've also got some REALLY good pictures of an abandoned town up in the Black Hills near Rapid City, SD. :-) I've enjoyed looking through some of the pictures here - they're terrific!
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