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So I found this community on the featured list. I'm a photographer in Orlando, FL and I love shooting in abandoned locations. Most recently I shot in a house that still looked like all the belongings of the people were still there...a Steinway Piano on the front porch covered in about an inch of dust, couches, tvs, beds, clothing, all of it. But it had all been torn to pieces...thrown on the floor, water logged, and ruined. I didn't take any pics of the house itself because I mainly shoot models, so here are some of the pics I took...

I've shot a ton of images in abandoned locations...mainly houses and warehouses, but none of the places have had this much stuff left over from the previous occupants...there have been left over tv's, dishes, furniture, and assorted house wares, but nothing like this place. I wonder what happened to these people? What made them leave all their belongings? The house was beautiful, although the stench of cat urine could be smelled walking up to the house. Two stories, wood frame, beautiful large screen enclosed front porch, murals, fire place, and brightly colored bedrooms. It looked like they had left in the middle of packing...there were so many boxes. Clothes still on hangers in the closets. Dishes still in cabinets. It was a strange house and gave off this creepy vibe that none of the other houses I've encountered ever have.
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