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Northampton and Goodyear

I found this community in the LJ Spotlight. I love abandoned places! They're so mysterious allow your mind wander to all the possibilities of times past.

Sadly, I don't have any photos of these places I'm about to talk about (I've taken photos of some, but before I had a digital camera, so I don't have any of them scanned into the computer). But I can describe them for you.

In Northampton, MA, there is an abandoned mental institution. I'm not sure if it's still there, but when I was a teenager, I used to like to go there to explore with my brother and cousins. There were so many abandoned brick buildings covered in climbing ivy, dark windows, doors hanging open... There was a barn near the back of the property where we heard rumor that a scene from the movie "In Dreams" was filmed. It was a creepy old barn with grass and moss growing all over the floor, and the walls on the second floor were made of rotting out boards you could see through. One end of the inside of the barn was so dark, you couldn't see anything, and we were too spooked out by stories we'd heard of the place from when it was operational to go explore the other end of the barn. It was a mysterious place we always loved exploring, hoping to discover new portals into the past.

I work in Connecticut in the town where Charles Goodyear started the rubber business. The town is full of old factories that used to be run by the Goodyear company. Slowly, they're all being abandoned and demolished. For years, there was the factory complex down the street from my office. It had many unused factory buildings that stood as a reminder of the town's industry boom. A scene near the end of the new "War of the Worlds" was actually filmed there before the buildings were all taken down a couple of years later. I enjoyed driving by every day and seeing the dark windows of factory buildings that had seen so much over the previous hundred years. The smokestacks stood tall over the property like lone sentinels, and the silent train tracks snaked through the complex. Now all that's left is the train tracks (which are actually still used for passenger trains), and a tunnel underneath them.

Down the road further is another abandoned Goodyear factory. There's a broken up driveway into the woods with a metal gate and a rusted out stop sign. Beyond the gate is a broken up parking lot with grass and weeds flourishing in the cracks, and further back is another abandoned factory building. The area is all fenced in, fields of grass that were formerly part of the Goodyear plant, and every so often on the fence are old, rusted out caution signs. I like to just walk along the edge of the property and wonder about the history of the place, of what it was like when the parking lot was full, when the inside was buzzing with machines and workers, before trees had grown over the gate entrance.
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