Aimee-Mariah (red_luscara) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Rural Decay

I live in the foothills of Appalachia.  It's an area with a lot of rural decay.  As more of the old ways die out, the more ruins there are left over from the Great Depression, and what not.  This is a series of photos I took less than a mile from my own house.  This house was condemned because it's too close to the main highway and the owner refused to tear it down.
The model in the images below is a friend of mine.  We decided to check out the house, and asked the owners if we could explore and take pictures.  They thought I was a bit crazy, but after a few minutes agreed, as long as we didn't go through any closed doors.  They were afraid that if we opened a door that the framework would give way.  So we didn't go inside anywhere except one back doorway.  I'm hoping to go over there if/when it snows because that would look amazing.  The only downside to mild Southern winters.

Tags: rural
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