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congratulations on being in the spotlight

Hi!  I'm really glad that I found this community.  I've got a bunch of photos of unforgettably odd places that I've stumbled into.
  I thought I would introduce myself to everyone with one of my favorites --  right outside of little Englewood, Florida there's a quiet entrance to the state forest.  they used to leave the staff entrance open and i'd always go back there with my jeep and my dog.
  One day I went a little further than normal, and discovered two small abandoned houses in the middle of the long dirt path.  It proved to be an awesome place to go on full moon nights with small-town friends.  I'd call it a highlight of my life.

Here's a link to the location on google (you can see them):

    Sorry that these pictures aren't amazing quality...   I used to use a polaroid camera all the time : )

Can't wait to see the pictures that show up!  XD

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