yell0w_birds (yell0w_birds) wrote in abandonedplaces,

Slaughter Beach, DE

I live in Hockessin, DE, but my grandparents have a beach house in Slaughter Beach, DE. Really cool place. Feels like I'm in a time warp when I go there! History: Slaughter Beach Delaware is a tiny town of 133 on the Delaware Bay. Founded in 1681 and incorporated in 1931, it was home to the only wooden frame lighthouse still standing in Delaware, which was recently destroyed by lightning. Slaughter Beach, Del., has no grocery store, though it once did. It has no gas station, no hotel, and no boardwalk, though it once did. There are fewer inhabitants in this fishing town of 130 than it had at the turn of the century. Once a popular resort town for vacationing families, population in Slaughter Beach declined as erosion devoured its shoreline. A powerful hurricane in 1962 ravaged the beach, dumping sand into the main street and filling summer cottages with water. The disaster seemed to set off a chain reaction that included the closing of the liquor store, the general store, and finally, the restaurant that once operated adjacent to the now deserted Mispillion Lighthouse.There are at least two stories of where the towns name came from: The first is that it was named after William Slaughter, A local postmaster in the mid 1800s. The second story claims “the name came from the horseshoe crabs that wash up on shore and die each year. They come near shore to shallow water to lay their eggs and the low tide strands them leaving them to die, thus the "slaughter." I just LOVE going to the house and feeling like I'm walking among ghosts around the town- this past summer I went just about every weekend. I don't have too many great pictures that display the atmosphere but next time I go (we've closed the house for winter) I will take more pictures! One of the best things about the place is this abandoned fort. Fort Saulsbury. It's privately owned and last time I was there I actually got chased off by the owner (oops). I swear he is hiding something in that fort. He is so protective of it, although I can see why. It was first used for defense in WWI, but held prisoners of war in WWII! The "inside" was so creepy; I got these icy chills from the moment I stepped in. It's completely untouched, dark dark dark, you can clearly see the cells where the prisoners were held. This site has some low-quality pics on it. Definitely worth taking a look! (click "virtual tour") My pics from Slaughter Beach; more under cut That boat says "restaurant" on it. Not a single person. (me in the red; I took 5 of my friends down for after-prom; probably the most people under 20 that had been there in decades!) Coolest tree ever. In the middle of a swamp (we got lost) on a pebbly beach. Signs of life - horseshoe crabs everywhere We have so many abandoned places in Delaware, and in fact two of my former barns where I kept a horse are now abandoned and rapidly falling apart, so I'll be back with those pics.
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