Loli clothing (misskittiness) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Loli clothing

So I have been lurking here for a while, enjoy all of your beautiful photos. Sadly I only once had something to contribute.

I decided to post again as I have been thinking about this subject a lot.

Safety when exploring.

I want to open this discussion so we can all help to keep each other safe. I would appreciate everyones opinions, experienced and newbies. Comments can be your own experiences with safety, things your thought about trying and just general advice. I'm going to list so basic safety topics to help start the discussion.

*Equipment. (dust masks, clothing, foot wear, touches, ropes, etc)
*Research. (what research do you do about the place before going? Places to find information on the abandon sites?)
*Informing. (Do you tell people were you are going? Do you go alone or in groups? If you are in a group do you stick together or separate? Does the group have rules and plans before exploring?)
*Legal. (How do you stop yourself getting caught. Entering buildings safely/legally. Keeping your identity secret. - I know a lot of us post photo of ourselves in the abandon places. This could be used against you if you are caught.)

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