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Hi!! I'm new- I never even thought about looking for a LJ community about this.
Anyway, I live in LA. I've been here about 2 years now. I know there's endless things to look at here. Even a lot of live sites to check out that are fantastic.

I'm actually crap at photography. I just like to take pictures of stuff that catches my eye.
I also have a thing for photographing Ladies' Room signs and doors. Double plus when I find one in an abandoned building! =D

I've only got a couple pics on this computer, and I honestly can't figure out how to make an lj-cut work.  :'(
so here's a couple small images.

They are both from an old jail.
btw; I love birds too!

Since I'm out on my own now here, when it warms up just a tad There's a bunch more places I've spotted I want to go to. I love LA. *sigh* 

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