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Small town Ohio...

Hi! I found this place via the community spotlight, thought I'm positive I've ran across it before. Thought I'd share some photos and stuff that I've taken over the years.

About a year and a half back I drug my friend with me to an abandoned farmhouse that was up the road from where we lived. She'd never done anything like sneaking into abandoned places before, so we went under the cover of night. I wish I could've gotten more pics, but we were a little on edge on account of it being the 4th of July and hearing fireworks go off every now and then.

In the front entrance. The place was pretty trashed. But it was right by a trailer park (where we lived) and kids had probably gotten into it well before us).

Leftovers in an upstairs bedroom. I love finding old photos of people. I had to keep myself from snagging one. I used to take little trinkets from places, like a bit of a kleptomaniac, but I'm trying to curb that.

On the way back, we stopped by the playground.

This is what's known around my town as 'The Waterworks'. At least, among the kids I grey up with. Prior to the building being demolished, it was an amazingly awesome place. Really tall crumbling brick buildings, immense smokestacks and holes in the ground of the structure that were filled with water from the nearby river rushing at speed which we were positive would kill a man.

Where all those arched structures are? Those were part of the floor of the main building. The round ones are were the smokestacks once stood.

The easiest, but most noticeable way to enter when it was still standing was through the middle of the front two squares. The now empty space off to the left in the image housed some stairs and rickety metal walkways.

This is underneath a nearby railroad trestle (which I took most of these photos from). We would scale this sometimes to get over to the main building, depending on which way we came from.

Gears for something. I'm still not entirely sure what the place was used for. Something to do with the river, of course. But I've never found the exact function or name for the place.

Off to the far, far left of the images above, there's still a handful of standing buildings. Nothing's in 'em but graffiti and holes, of course, but they're still neat.

Taken from the tracks over the river, which was pretty scary in itself (thankfully, trains don't run much on it anymore. if at all, I'm unsure. sometimes they sit a few cars up there to prevent kids from playing or crossing, but we just hung onto the sides of the cars to help us get past. we were pretty stupid kids.). People still come down and fish from the accessible areas, usually those that can't be seen at the lower part of the falls there).

Thankfully, this place hasn't been spent for things to explore. Years back, I found a door that goes underneath where the old railroad tracks laid into a tunnel that seems to house power lines or something back in the day. I don't know how far the tunnel went, since I was without a flashlight or someone to go along with. It was pretty spooky even with four stupid kids poking around near the door.

One of many random, abandoned places in my town. I don't know what once stood here, but it's another place near the river.

A view of the river and another, different, railroad trestle.

The following photos are very, very old and taken with a none too stellar camera. But I still really like a few of them. These are all from a former hospital (where I was born, actually!) that isn't completely abandoned. Parts of it are used for office type things (usually social service sort of stuff), but the majority of it us in disuse. This is probably the only place I've wandered in with permission. The janitor gave me the okay to wander around because I said I was taking photos for something. I've not clue what I said, but I got to explore and that's all that matters!

And, to top it all off, this is a few years old photo of a place in my town, outside the old and very creepy Greyhound depot.

Appearances are deceiving, as that building across the street is a bar/sauna. The building on the left is some sort of church building. And you can see the tippy-top of the courthouse in the far background. This is just how...a lot of places look in my town.
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