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Old Californian house

Hi there fellow photographers!
I have no idea why I didn't find this community before, but I'm glad I did :)
I visited my uncle in Fresno this past summer, and went on a tour with him and my dad to see all the places where various family members had lived in.
We decided to go to Niles first, where they both grew up in 70's.
Here are some pictures of my dad's old house in Niles, before he moved and settled down in Oklahoma.

The front view of it.

Dad and Uncle James at the old house.

The living room

None of original orange paint still exists and the boards are all in disarray, but otherwise it's in good condition.

Down here Dad and Uncle James would play basketball.The slope here is very treacherous, because the soil is pretty fragile when you're climbing, so it's always good to go slow.

It's both sad and kind of relieving that nobody has torn down the house yet. It was built in the early 1900's, I think, and hasn't been lived in for at least 20 years. Hopefully the next time I visit Fremont I can capture more of the inside, before there's anymore weather damage to the roof. And before someone tears it down. 
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