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abandoned building

I posted a blog about this place on my own journal...now I'm wishing I would have saved it for this community.

hhmm here we go!!!

Only in Stony Point.... 



I live near what one may call a little one horse town. I am sure you know the type of town of which I speak; no stop lights just one caution light, everybody knows everybody, and everybody who is someone or thinks that they are someone belongs to the volunteer fire department. Most of the time you can drive through this town and see people walking the train tracks or gathered at the local Quickie Mart. Once a year little towns like this one have some type of craft show/parade to celebrate just being a town or when it became a town; I'm not sure which.

Now that you know the type of town I speak of I want to show you something that I have seen many times throughout the years of passing through this town. Many times while passing this monument that has with stood the test of time, either another member of my family or myself would say, "Someone should take a picture of that before it's gone some day." Well this past weekend while passing by once more my mother and I stopped and took a picture of it. This pictures shows a part of our American history. Where we have came from and shows just how different America is now.

I feel very strongly about the topics that pictures like this can and will continue to bring up but I also wanted to take the time to remind everyone that America has came a long way since times like these. When you think this person doesn't belong here or this person is different and you don't like them because of that…just think of how the people who had to read this sign each and every time they entered this building must have felt!!! Just think of what it would be like, when no matter where you went someone hadt o rub it in your face that you weren't just like them!!! All I am asking is that you just take the time to think about it, not to agree with me or disagree, just give a little thanks for how far American has came and how much we have grown.


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