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Suffer Little Children

The German Roman Catholic Orphan Home in Buffalo has a rich history that weaves itself through the history of the city itself. Opened in 1875 and shut down in 1956. Over it's near century of operation over 15,000 children called this place "home"

These photos are from July 2007 when I was in Buffalo for OPEX '77

The Name

School Building
The School, built in 1927. Used for grades 1-8 along with Kindergarten and the ungraded classes.

Boiler House
The boiler house, built in 1948 along with a pool.

Dorm Buildings
One of the dorm buildings from the original 1875 construction.

The Kitchen
The kitchen in one of the main buildings. The floor is very unsafe in this section. The 1919 fire started under this room.

Over fifty years of abandonment takes it tolls

Hall of Memories
The memories hall.

The Chapel
The Sacred Heart Chapel, built in 1938 (planning had started in 1919).

The interior of the chapel.

A classroom.

G Building
The physical education building, date of construction is unknown.

Interior of the Gym.

Prayer of the Explorer
Prayer of the Explorer.

I wrote up a short history on the place. You can view the PDF here:

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