amanda carto (lavender_gold) wrote in abandonedplaces,
amanda carto

my favorite house.

I used to pass this house everyday on my way to school, work and shopping since I was eight. Finally this past spring I decided to do some exploring.

(ETA) History: This house is north of Pittsburgh in the suburbs, which makes the house all the more a rare site to see. I loved this house a grand deal even before I went into it. I don't know anything about the previous owners. After this set was taken, a group of high schoolers tried to burn the place down and were caught by the police in the middle of their vandalism. They were caught two more times after that. I plan on taking pictures again before I go back to school.

note the carpet on the walls.

At first, I couldn't figure out how to get into the other room for a while and almost climbed through the window.

Unfortunately, my camera died just as soon as I was going to get better shots of this spider and her web.

Whole set can be found here.
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