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An old Diakovo cemetery in Moscow

I went to Kolomenskoye this October to see the famous church and other buildings of XVI century. The place is famous for being the favourite residence of Ivan the Terrible; Peter the Great has also been there. But in the end of my trip I saw something special among the high hill behind a woody ravine: an unknown church of unusual appearance.

Whenever I see a church, I go towards it :) So I bravely went to find my way through the ravine — it was easy, because they made some kind of wooden bridge across it:

The hand-rails are totally covered with silly love graffiti where boys and girls make their declarations of love.

Two little boys ran forward much faster than me, but on the very top of the stairs they suddenly stopped, gasped and one of them said in a low voice: OMG, let's go away, here are GRAVES.

The hand-written plague tells: For God's sake, do not step upon the graves!

But it is rather hard to follow this request, because many of the graves and the roads are not visible under the carpet of autumn leaves:

The others are chest-tombs and are much moss-eaten. They date back to 18th and early 19th century.

The inscription on this one reads that the man buried here died on September 19, being 56 years old:

This beautiful one belongs to a woman named Alexandra who has died in 1883 probably in childbirth, and her little son Nicolay, she was only 22 years old:

This is not a headstone, but just a piece of brickwork - possibly a fragment of the old wall:

But THIS is certainly a tomb:

The 17th century church of St John the Baptist itself is under restoration and soon will be pretty new again. But the churchyard seems to be almost forgotten by the living. There are some recent graves but the main part belongs to the long gone times...

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