Little Fishs (deadsister) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Little Fishs

5th Dev

These photos are not aesthetically pleasing, but they do have a good story. At St. Bonaventure University, there is a dormitory named Devereaux Hall. It burned down once, and was reconstructed. The 5th floor hasn't been occupied in decades. There are all kinds of stories as to why this is. The most popular is that a boy accidentally hung himself from the top bunk of his bed. There are all kinds of stories and accounts of strange things happening in Dev. 5th Dev is the big secret though. No staff or faculty, not even our beloved friars will talk to anyone about 5th Dev. There was always a rumor that if you got in and were caught, you would be automatically expelled. So of course I had to go in. There are all kinds of mysterious places on campus, and 5th Dev was my first conquest. A friend and I (who is now my boyfriend of 3 years...awwwwww) got in, and he took some pictures. It was completely dark, and all we had was a dim flashlight and the flash on his camera. So as I said, they're not pretty pictures, they're sheerly evidence of our presence there. But it was something that a very elite few had ever done. Just to be clear, 5th Dev truly is abandoned. University Administration has said numerous times that 5th Dev will not be discussed and will not be restored any time in the near future. Much like my first post, it is eerie to have something so mysterious literally on top of you while life continues beneath it.

We literally demolished this door. I was sure there were going to be floor and building meetings about that door being taken off it's frame. There were not. Just adds to the mystery...
We met a girl her freshman year a year or so later who lived on 4th Dev. We became very close. I took her up to the door to show her where we had entered....and her dorm key worked in the door.....balls.

The wall from the inside

There were all kinds of doors that went farther and farther in. Michael wouldn't go. I think we were both a bit leery of getting locked in. After he left, I went downstairs to another friend's room. It had been one of his dreams to get into 5th Dev. We went a little farther in than Michael and I had. Until I stepped on a Pizza box and screamed. Haha.

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