Bukowski's Slave (igotsocitygirl) wrote in abandonedplaces,
Bukowski's Slave

Eastern State Penitentiary

I really enjoy this community and have been watching it for a while. This is my first post, though I've been photographing abandoned places for many years. Unfortunately, my photos are mostly on film or in my old computer and I've just not had the time to go through and convert them yet. I will be though. Anyway, these are a few I've taken recently at Eastern State. (Yes I was inspired by the previous post on ESP) All but one are taken on film with an old Minolta that I found with some garbage on the streets of NYC. I hope ya'll enjoy them.

I went on one of the behind the scenes member tours. It was about the "Alleys
and Tunnels of ESP. This is one of the Alleys that was created when they built
additional cell blocks as the prison grew and changed from the original plan.

I love the teal/blue color of most of the things in ESP. This was taken in
Cell Block 1. (The only digital photo, taken with a Nikon D-40)

Cell with the bed.

I believe this was Cell Block 9. Though I could be mistaken.

This is the Barber's Cell on one of the Blocks.

This is my favorite. I had to wait like 15 minutes for the cell block to be clear,
it was worth it, I think.

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